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“Ever since that loss, we’re already thinking about what we can do to not have this result again,” Porter said. “I think it went through everybody’s mind that’s coming back that we were so close. We can already feel it.”

There were two overly simplistic prisms to view the defeat through. It was Georgetown’s fifth straight NCAA ouster against a double-digit seed.

It also capped a year the Hoyas vastly outpaced preseason prognostications.

Neither is entirely fair, though the recent tournament history remains in place. With no seniors, Georgetown could find itself unheralded again this fall despite an intriguing roster.

Starks, busy as usual and more prepared than ever, is ready for more responsibility and dedicated to ensuring the Hoyas make the most of the season to come.

“Expectations for our team were so low and because we surpassed everybody’s expectations, they were like, ‘Oh, you guys had a great year,’” Starks said. “In our minds, yeah, we had a pretty good year. But we were so much better. We still had some more left in the tank. … We’re hungry. I can honestly speak for the team when I say we’re hungry, and we’re ready to get back out there.”