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“And that’s difficult, especially when you’re playing against Jevon Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch and Keith Bulluck and (Cortland) Finnegan and those guys,” Rodgers said. “It’s difficult. The Browns stars on defense should be able to have a favorable matchup against 2s and 3s on our team, although we’d like to probably move the ball a little bit more effectively.”

Harrell acknowledged that playing with an ever-changing group of offensive personnel is difficult, but that’s just part of life as a backup quarterback in the preseason.

“I think that is tough, at times,” Harrell said. “The more reps you get with each other, I think the more consistent you can be, and you kind of feel each other out a little better. That’s something we have to kind of do on the run and try to do a lot quicker and do a better job of, is just having everyone on the same page and making things happen out there when there are so many moving parts because in the preseason that’s the way it is.”

After coming out of Thursday’s game, Rodgers did his best to help Harrell on the sideline.

“Well, Aaron’s always trying to coach,” Harrell said. “He was kind of saying what he sees and what he thinks and different things like that. He’s just always trying to help out over there.”

For Rodgers, it was another example of going out of his way to serve as a mentor to the Packers‘ younger quarterbacks.

“I like to stay in the game,” Rodgers said. “I obviously care about Graham and want him to do well. We talked about some things at halftime, they were playing a lot of one-high man coverages _ so kind of the best concepts we wanted. But I want those guys, B.J. (Coleman) and Graham, to do well, and I’m going to help out as much as I’m wanted to help out.”


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