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Morris was as pleased by his pass blocking as he was by his runs. On Griffin’s deep overthrow of receiver Leonard Hankerson, Morris stuffed a charging linebacker in the hole after the linebacker beat fullback Dorson Boyce.

“Even though it’s not my man, per se, coach always says never pass up color,” Morris said. “When I’m looking for my read, I’m going through my progression. Now, oh, I see color. I’m hitting it. There was a number of times I got to do that today.”

Morris was determined to improve in pass protection after his breakdown against Chicago, and he was sharper making split-second decisions against Indianapolis.

“We have to be able to read our book — as coach likes to call it — real fast and get out on your route,” he said. “But if I were to pass up that color, he might get a sack on the quarterback and we won’t have a play. If I’m free, I get out either a check down or the flat or a wheel or whatever the route is. I’m getting more comfortable with it all.”