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The good news is that Mike Huckabee’s call for pro-family Americans and free-speech lovers to observe Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day on Aug. 1 was a smash, with long lines around the fast-food stores. Because Chick-fil-A is privately owned, sales figures are unavailable, but they went to the moon and back. That should more than offset any pro-sexual-anarchy boycott or in-your-face “kiss-in.”

It would be nice if Americans similarly rose somehow to the defense of the Boy Scouts. In a July 31 Wall Street Journal column, “A Century of Eagle Scouts,” Michael S. Malone, author of the new book “Four Percent,” provides a wonderful reminder of how much the Scouts, founded in 1910, have accomplished and given back.

Of “more than 115 million boys who have passed through the Boy Scouts of America in the last 102 years,” about “2 million have become Eagle Scouts,” Mr. Malone writes.

“Since the mid-1960s, all Eagle candidates are required, beyond earning the traditional 21 merit badges, to devise, plan, execute and manage a community-service project. it was only recently that the National Eagle Scout Association decided to look beyond the anecdotes and tally up all of the Eagle service projects ever done. It came to the jaw-dropping total of more than 100 million hours of service. Eagle Scouts are adding more than 3 million more hours each year.”

Let’s recap: Chick-fil-A serves millions of delicious, nutritious chicken meals, unabashedly embraces Christianity and gives back to communities in numerous ways through its Winshape Foundation. The Boy Scouts train millions of boys in practical skills and the more important value of what it means to be a man.

No wonder the left has declared war on them. They know the enemy when they see it.

Robert Knight is a senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times. He earned his Eagle Scout badge in Troop 80, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.