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Mr. Lee chimed in: “He asked for a job.”

Mr. Lee, famous for chronicling stories about Brooklyn in such films as “Crooklyn,” “She’s Gotta Have It” and the upcoming “Red Hook Summer,” feels this work adds nicely to the collection.

“You can’t get more Brooklyn than Mike Tyson. And if you remember the film, ‘Do the Right Thing,’ the great Robin Harris [playing Sweet Dick Willie] had many references to Mike. And on the side of Sal’s Famous Pizzeria we painted a mural, ‘Brooklyn’s Finest: Mike Tyson,’ so this is history,” Mr. Lee said.

While Mr. Tyson’s life has been tumultuous at times, the boxer says he can deal with telling intimate details to a room full of strangers simply because “it’s a job to be done.”

“Even though it’s real, it’s not real. It’s an illusion,” Tyson says.

Compiled from wire reports.