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I don’t know if anyone has ever told you, but that means a great deal to those that do what we do. You should also know that your son and his family carried on that tradition when they occupied the White House as well, and I had the privilege of meeting them on more than one occasion, too.

Thank you for everything you and your family have done for this country.

Get well soon and God bless you.

Tony Rahaim, Master Sgt., USAF retired (and current federal officer)
Naples, Fla.

Mr. President, I wish you well. Thank you for being my Commander-in-chief. I am a retired U.S. Army Sergeant. If I have to go away to serve this great country of ours, I hope and I wish we have a President like you. May the Lord be with you as you recover.
Sgt. Fernando Portugal (Retired) 

Sir, our prayers are with you. We could use more men like you in Washington these days and these days your time there is even more appreciated.

Tom Sullivan

Mr. President,

I am praying for a speedy recovery for you. Miss you. They don’t make them like you anymore, sir.

God bless,
Lynda Hellen
Cudahy, Calif.

Dear President Bush:

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