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Sarah Jacobsen
Cypress, Texas 

Dearest President Bush and family,

On behalf of my grateful family, I am sending you and your family love and warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.

I have been a proud, lifelong Republican-now-Conservative — and you were an essential part of my life during the Big 80’s because I knew you’d keep our country safe and strong. As a proud American, I send my love and support and admiration to you and your family and thank you for setting such a stellar example of what an “Elder Statesman” should be. But you are so much more — a great father and loving husband, an American War Hero. We need more men like YOU! You rock President Bush. Get well soon! There are more adventures waiting for you!

Much admiration, your fan,
Dr. Dawne Streutker, DDS

Dear President Bush,

I wish you a speedy recovery. You are our hero and thank you for your leadership over the years including Kuwait liberation and honoring Texas A&M University with your library.

Ghiyath Nakshbendi
Bethesda, Md.

(Editor’s note: The following is from Craig Whitney, who worked for President George H.W. Bush.)

President Bush, you are in our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery. You are so very important to our family and this nation. One of my greatest privileges in life was having the honor to work for you when you were Vice President, then on the 1988 campaign, and then in your Administration working for Vice President Dan Quayle as Assistant to the Vice President and Director of Advance. Your leadership, integrity and strength of family was truly inspirational and you led this great nation by example.

Here is an excerpt from a commencement speech that I gave and think about often because it says so much about you and what you mean to all of us:

“I have found some people like that in my life, and the best case is a person whose character really did match the greatness of his title. When I think of all the qualities that make for a good man — the whole package — I’ll always think of George Bush, our 41st president. I spent a fair amount of time around him, and in public and private it was always the same gracious, goodhearted gentleman. President Bush once recalled some advice his mother gave him when he was a boy. She told him: Be honest. Tell the truth. Be kind. Care about the other guy — help him. Don’t look down on anyone. You have an obligation to help others. Compete hard — play to win.  Be a good winner — but be a good loser, too. Looking at George Bush today, in his 88th, I’ll always count myself extremely fortunate to have worked for someone I like and admire so much. It’s an example of character that’s hard to match. But if we look in the right places, there are always men and women of character who set the standard. Take your cues from their example, and you’ll never go wrong. You’ll be better at work, and better at life.”

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