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We wish you a full recovery and the very best to you and Barbara, and your entire family.

Craig and Lori Whitney.

I will pray for your recovery so that you may continue shining your bright light among Americans. You exemplify the “thousand points of light” of which you spoke. I am a liberal Democrat and know you are deserving of honor and dignity. This is not about partisan politics, but rather a reminder that you are respected among individuals on all sides and you have worked tirelessly to promote volunteerism and make our country a better place. I will keep you and your family in my prayers and pray for your recovery. May God be with you and all your family.
Joe Adams
Jonesboro, Ark.

Dear President Bush and family:

My prayers and support are not new to the entire Bush family. I’ve been a proud Conservative Republican for many, many years. The Bush family shows the nation just what a happy loving family we were all meant to be.  My prayers are with the President and may God heal him and comfort his beautiful wife Barbara and all the wonderful children. I am partial to George W. Bush, I must admit. God knows your needs, and He will attend you throughout this difficult time.

Deepest respect,
Many prayers,
Judy Nave

President Bush — We are all anxious to see your smile again.

Rose D. Sigman

Dear President Bush,

Thank you for your great service as our President! I was proud to serve under your leadership in the U.S. Navy during both Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Our family is praying you will soon feel much better and be able to go home. May God bless you and Mrs. Bush, and may you know the Lord’s love and comfort in these difficult hours.
Very respectfully,
Randy R. Johnson
Associate Pastor
Stratford, Conn.

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