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My family and I send out very best thoughts and prayers to you. You are an inspiration to us in so many ways. We are grateful for all you have done for us and our country. You were a wonderful president and set the standard as a father. We so hope you will be home soon.

We send all our best to you and Mrs. Bush. Please do what the doctors tell you to do. We want you to get well.

All my Best!
Cheryl Campbell

P.S. We voted for you in both elections and would do it again if you decided to return to politics.   Goodness, we need more like you in Washington!

To a noble patriot, hero, gentleman, and a model of the class dignity that belong in the White House. Get well. So many are praying for you.

Bart Fleming
Former Executive Associate Administrator (83-88)
Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA)
U.S. Department of Healthy and Human Services

We hope he gets well soon.

Best wishes,
Joan Bachman
Chester Blynn
Hazlet, N.J.

Dear President Bush: You were a great President, especially when you led the world in ousting Saddam from Kuwait. In gratitude, I sent you a book of the complete collection of political cartoons drawn of President Lincoln. You sent me not one, but two, thank you notes. You sent the second as your final plans for the Gulf War were being made. I was touched that you took the time to do so, at such an important time. The whole nation is hoping and praying for a speedy recovery for you.

With best regards and the utmost in respect,
Michael McBride
McLean, Va.

My favorite memory of President Bush is of my receiving a letter from him shortly after he became Vice President and shortly after I became the Chairman of the Young Republican Committee of Lancaster County (PA).

He was to visit our county and a delegation was being selected to meet him upon his arrival at the local airport. As YR Chairman, I asked the event organizers for permission to be there to greet the Vice President. My request was denied.

Young and inexperienced in protocol, I wrote a long letter to the Vice President complaining about how short-sighted it was for his organizers to exclude the YRs from welcoming him to our county and how I should have been allowed to be there as he got off the plane.

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