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P.S. I wonder if they are going to blame President G.W. Bush for this as well?

(Editor’s note: The following is from Antonio Benedi, former Special Assistant to President George H.W. Bush:)

My heartfelt wishes for a full recovery and my constant prayers are with our 41st President in his time of need. I have known President George H.W. Bush for over thirty-four years. I worked for him at the White House when he was Vice President and also President. I have never met a more compassionate, caring and loving person in my life. I have traveled with him all over the world on over hundreds of visits while in office and as a Former President. Everywhere we went there was a outpouring of respect and admiration, and gratitude. It was overwhelming to say the least.

One of the most memorable visits I made with President Bush and Mrs. Bush was to Berlin, Germany, for the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. We stayed on the East side of Berlin near the Brandenburg Gate. They had planned a big gathering at the gate to commemorate the date. Former Soviet President Gorbachev and Former German Chancellor Kohl were also present. They were all in power when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed and Eastern Europe was free. President Bush led the free world at this historic time. We were staying at a Hotel on the east side. We had gone up to the room to wait for the time the President and Mrs. Bush needed to go down with the other leaders to the stage to address the gathered crowd. There was a small balcony in the room and the President asked me if it would be all right to step out to see the crowd. I consulted with the Secret Service and we all stepped out to the balcony. It was an incredible site. The Brandenburg Gate all lit up. A big stage where performers were entertaining the crowd and hundreds of thousands of people gathered. Some in the crowd noticed President Bush and Mrs. Bush on the balcony and a wave, like in sporting events, started to turn toward the President. The crowd was waving their arms and chanting, “Thank you President Bush.”

It was a very touching and emotional moment. I will never forget the gratitude in the faces of those gathered toward the Leader that led at a moment in history that ended an evil era. This happened, most of all, due to President George H.W. Bush’s great diplomatic skill, he did it peacefully. President Bush accomplished this without firing a shot! It was amazing. I will never forget that moment.

President Bush. My prayers are with you. As is that of a grateful nation. You have touched my life like no other. I am one of the honored that had the privilege to work with you. I love you Mr. President.

Had the privilege of meeting Mr. Bush and his wife during his trip to Melbourne, Australia, in 1990. My wife actually chatted for 5 minutes about where to shop in Singapore with Mrs. Bush. They both gave everyone present [about 100 Americans posted to Melbourne] plenty of time. Genuinely nice guy. Get well.

Henry and Susan Newbold

Thank you for your service to our country President H.W. Bush.


I pray that God will hold onto your hand and see you through this difficult time. You are a good man and thank you for your service to this country both as a Navy hero and as the leader of the country.

Rita Fauls

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