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I am an immigrant from Peru and I cherish the right to vote as a naturalized citizen.

I cast my first vote for President Bush. I vividly remember that vote. I was in college and left the computer lab excited to cast my vote. When Pennsylvania was called for President Bush, I felt proud to have been partly responsible for that. Eight years later, President Bush spoke at USC and through a bit of luck, I found myself in a receiving line with a chance to shake his hand. I told him that I had met his nephew, George Herbert “Chip” Walker, in college and also at Goldman Sachs when we both were working there. The President smiled at that. It was a quick personal moment but another one that I will cherish.

Thank you President Bush for your service to this country that has been so good to me, my parents, my family and my wife’s parents (immigrants too) and family.

God bless you sir, get better soon.

Very truly yours,
Juan E. Alva
Calabasas, CA

God bless and keep you, Mr. Bush, is my prayer for you. I well remember your excellent handling of Operation Desert Storm. Barbara was certainly a wonder example of a First Lady and such a wise woman.

Best wishes,
Annette and John Alabaster

My earliest childhood memory (I am 27) was seeing President Bush announced our victory over Iraq. It was a smart and pragmatic victory that made you feel proud to be an American.

All the best,
Chris Fredrickson

Dear Mr. President:

My family and I wish you a full and speedy recovery.  God Bless you and Mrs. Bush.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
Jerry Klunder
Byron Center, Mich.

Dear Commodore –

You’re in my thoughts and prayers — “T&P” in speechwriter shorthand — but I really mean it, so here we are, sitting around the stove at the Kennebunkport Yacht Club, wishing you a speedy recovery. You’ve got to get in shape for the 90th birthday parachute jump.

Wes Pruden
Editor Emeritus of The Washington Times

Mr. President, we send our most sincere wishes for your speedy recovery!

David S. Jackson
Executive Editor of The Washington Times