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But it’s not, and the pressure is on.

“I think a lot of these veteran players, they get used to it over time, or veteran coaches, but you’re not always sure about the younger players,” coach Mike Shanahan said. “So you’ve got to make sure that they’re grounded and understand that they’ve got to take care of the business at hand.”

The business at hand includes playing the rival Cowboys, too. Cofield said that as soon as he got to town he was “immediately put on notice” that beating Dallas was a priority.

But Cooley said he and his teammates can’t get too caught up in the rivalry. To maintain composure, Redskins players can’t get caught up in the gravity of the situation, either. Even with everything on the line.

“I think naturally everybody’s going to be motivated,” defensive end Stephen Bowen said. “Once the clock starts going, everybody’s going to be even-keeled and know what we’re supposed to do.”