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It simply doesn’t matter because if our military or law enforcers or first responders failed in their missions as miserably as this bunch, we would be replacing the Occupy D.C. crowd in Freedom Plaza and setting up a guillotine.

Do not be surprised if this school-funding debacle stokes the simmering flames of the recall movement and the next three D.C. elections.

Remember, this is about children, children who continue to be used as political pawns while we pray the next mayor and the next council will squash the status quo.

So closely - very closely - pay attention to Vince, Kwame, Phil, Michael, Jim, Vincent, David, Yvette, Tommy, Marion, Jack, Mary and Muriel, who have about three months to do what the school-funding panel failed to do.

And yeah - I’m taking the extreme liberty of referring to the mayor and council members by their first names. For all of them, their honorifics lose a little cachet every time they create a monster that gobbles up children and tax dollars.

Thank you for your time.

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