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Charter schools have become the educational lifeline of choice in most large urban areas, where the triple threats of low academic performance, violence and crumbling infrastructure continue to fuel the school-choice movement.

Now, in the wake of some states’ standout performance against the unsustainable status quo of collective-bargaining rights, the foxlike Obama administration is trying to sneak into the state henhouse with a new IRS regulation.

To be sure, this IRS proposal is another Obama take on a bailout but the motive is far more sinister. For one, it would further erode states’ rights and broaden federal intervention regarding education.

For another, it “could effectively prevent many public charter schools from recruiting or retaining veteran public-school teachers, significantly interfering with public charter schools’ ability to achieve their educational goals,” as the alliance puts it.

And, while the District and 42 states have charter-school laws, staunch supporters of collective bargaining are still fighting mad.

While the deadline for public comment is Monday, the new IRS rule won’t likely go into effect until June, which means there remains time this presidential election year.

After all, who’s next in line to forfeit their retirement money?

Police officers, firefighters and other first responders?

That is something to ponder, whether you support charter schools, support teachers, oppose school choice or all of the above.

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