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Mr. Gertz points out, for example, that China’s military now uses retired U.S. military leaders for influence, and in intelligence operations. See all the big rumblings here:


Those who wonder how many American colleges and universities got so politically correct and gutless can prepare a round of applause for one Herbert I. London, who receives the $10,000 Jeane Kirkpatrick Prize for Academic Freedom at CPAC 2012, during the Ronald Reagan banquet on Friday night.

“This prize is intended for intellectual warriors on the college campus,” says Michael W. Grebe, president and CEO of the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, which underwrites the award. “Herb London has been a leader for honesty and truth in the classroom and a promoter of solid scholarship. He is the example that today’s academics should emulate.”

Mr. London was a founder of the Albert Gallatin School of Individualized Study of New York University in 1972 and served as dean for two decades. He was also a founding member of the National Association of Scholars and currently serves as president emeritus of the Hudson Institute and as a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.


• 68 percent of Americans want news “without a political point of view.”

• 65 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Democrats agree.

• 37 percent of Americans say there is “a great deal of political bias” in news coverage.

• 49 percent of Republicans and 32 percent of Democrats agree.

• 57 percent of conservative Republicans also agree.

• 36 percent of Americans get their presidential campaign news from cable news, 32 percent from local TV news, 26 percent from broadcast network news, 25 percent on the Internet and 20 percent from the local newspaper.

• 9 percent get campaign news from late-night comedy shows, 8 percent from national newspapers, 8 percent from religious broadcasts, 7 percent from PBS news shows and 2 percent from Twitter.

• 36 percent of Republicans, 11 percent of Democrats and 53 percent of tea partiers get their campaign news from Fox News Channel.

Source: A Pew Research Center for the People & the Press survey of 1,507 U.S. adults conducted Jan. 4-8 and released Tuesday.

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