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And as for how those results are achieved? Sowell has a method he’s used everywhere likely to fit quite well in Annapolis.

“He’s very disciplined and very detail-oriented,” said Wellner, who is starting his fourth season working with Sowell. “He likes to say he’s simple, but he’s very complex. I think you need that. It fits him to a T. He’s a Tom Coughlin-type - on time is five minutes early. You’re going to look a certain way and act a certain way, and there’s going to be ramifications if things are done differently.”

That likely won’t be much of an issue at Navy, given the nature of the institution. But the combination of the driven coach and a storied program in the middle of one of lacrosse’s hotbeds creates some fascinating possibilities.

In the end, Sowell hopes that means plenty of success. For now, though, there remain times when the reality of coaching at Navy hit home, such as at a session last month shortly after practice started.

“I said, ‘Fellas, I love my job. I just love being out here with you guys and having the opportunity to coach you guys and working at a place like the Naval Academy. I’m in heaven right now,’ ” Sowell said. “I have those moments still where I’m like ‘I’m the head coach for the United States Naval Academy.’ It has not gotten old. It has not settled in with me quite [entirely]. I hope it never does. I don’t think it will.”