- - Sunday, January 1, 2012


Clashes follow protester’s funeral

MANAMA — Riot police in Bahrain fired tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades as they clashed Sunday with hundreds of opposition supporters, some hurling Molotov cocktails, following the politically charged funeral of a 15-year-old boy.

Thousands of opposition supporters carrying Bahraini flags and chanting anti-government slogans converged on the island of Sitra, south of the capital Manama, to mourn the death of Sayed Hashim Saeed.

Police earlier tried to seal off the site of the funeral to prevent crowds from gathering.

The opposition says the teenager died Saturday after a tear-gas canister fired at close range hit him in the chest.

The Interior Ministry has raised questions about the circumstances of Sayed’s death, saying that burns on the boy’s body could not have come from a tear-gas canister.


Holocaust survivors blast Nazi garb at protest

JERUSALEM — Images of ultra-Orthodox Jews dressing up as Nazi concentration camp inmates during a protest drew widespread condemnation Sunday and added a new twist to a simmering battle over growing extremism inside Israel’s insular ultra-Orthodox community.

Religious extremists are facing increasing criticism for their efforts to separate men and women in public spaces, and Saturday’s protest, in which a child mimicked an iconic photo of a terrified Jewish boy in the Warsaw Ghetto, added to the outrage.

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews gathered Saturday night in Jerusalem to protest what they say is a nationwide campaign directed against their lifestyle.

The protesters called Israeli policemen Nazis, wore yellow Star of David patches with the word “Jude” (German for Jew), and dressed their children in striped black-and-white uniforms associated with Nazi concentration camps before transporting them in the back of a truck.


Cousin of Syria’s Assad denied visa to Switzerland

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