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One thing neither likes during game week is anything they consider nonsense _ a distraction to the one and only goal of a victory.

The Harbaughs can be dismissive. They’re known to sneer or blow off questions altogether when it comes to injuries or any other tidbit that might give an opponent insight or a possible advantage _ perceived or otherwise.

Jim Harbaugh had a roster full of playoff first-timers going into last Saturday’s win.

His message: “Don’t overcook it.” Translation: Stick with what got you here.

John Harbaugh has a postseason-tested roster of men who have been in the big games before. Ray Lewis is still around from the 2001 Super Bowl champion team.

Both possess a laser-like football focus and find unique ways to motivate.

“When he gets fired up, it’s fire and brimstone,” Ravens linebacker Jarret Johnson said of John. “But for the most part, he reads a lot. He draws a lot from the military. We get a lot of poetry. He uses a lot of different analogies and stuff. I would say he’s all over the place. He’s a rah-rah guy when he needs to be, and he’s also very subtle. Maybe a Shakespeare speech, something like that. He draws inspiration from everywhere.”

Jim has his players buying into a blue-collar mentality, and there are actual blue-collar shirts to fit the theme. Defensive line coach Jim Tomsula wears his regularly around team headquarters.

“It’s really been fun to see the sayings that have really grabbed on from the blue-collar aspect,” Akers said. “A lot of this country is built on the blue-collar idea.”

Jim Harbaugh always has a story to share. From the one about his uncles who untucked their shirts after a long day’s work _ he now does the same after each victory _ to his own missed opportunity at a Super Bowl, one he figured surely would come again.

In the AFC championship game after the 1995 season, the Colts had the ball on the Steelers 29 on third-and-1, but Harbaugh’s Hail Mary throw to the end zone went through Aaron Bailey’s hands as time expired. Pittsburgh won, 20-16.

“He just tells us to give it all we have, give it all we’ve got, go out there and just fight, just fight as a team,” running back Frank Gore said. “Think about all the bad times we had here and now we have this opportunity and go take advantage of it. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

If Jim Harbaugh wins Sunday, he’ll be headed back to a city where he is still loved despite not coming through that day. His sister, Joani Crean _ whose husband coaches at Indiana _ still regularly gets stopped by strangers when she travels to Indianapolis with their stories about her brother, Jim.

Both Harbaughs recall their youths to give examples of what they learned from their coaching father, Jack.

During training camp, John Harbaugh talked about sharing one of those tales with his team.

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