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North Carolina’s Barnes and Marshall entered the draft as sophomores, Henson as a junior and Zeller a senior.

For Tar Heels coach Roy Williams, it will mark the third time in eight years that his program will produce four picks in the same draft. His 2005 squad had four of the top 14 picks after winning a national championship, while the 2009 squad that won the NCAA title had three first-rounders and one second-rounder.

“I’m loving it for them,” Williams said of this year’s quartet. “I’ll be very excited for all of them. It’s a pretty neat deal to sit there and see four kids that you really think a lot of reach one of their biggest dreams if not their biggest dream. … I’m going to be looking at it like a parent, looking at it like a coach, and even like a fan at the same time. It’ll be exciting for me.”

When the teams met in Rupp Arena in December, the game drew 27 scouts or general managers representing 20 NBA teams. Kentucky won that game 73-72 when Davis blocked Henson’s jumper for the win.

All eight projected first-round picks were on the court for those frantic final seconds. Most of them will reunite again backstage in Newark, N.J., on Thursday.

“It is crazy,” Blake said. “That’s a load of talent.”