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Upon receiving a significant endorsement, political candidates often haul out their standard thank-you speech, and that’s that. Not so George Allen, the former Virginia governor now running for U.S. Senate in the commonwealth. He went into immediate statesman mode upon winning the nod from the 70,000-member National Rifle Association.

“I will remain committed to defending our rights enshrined in our Constitution,” Mr. Allen said. “My friends in the sportsmen community who enjoy the natural beauty of Virginia’s fields, forests, streams and lakes can count on me to be a strong and steadfast advocate for their freedom to hunt and fish. And all Virginians have my commitment to stand up for their God-given rights. The way to reduce crime is to crack down on criminals, not disarm our law-abiding citizens.”


“We are political animals and it all starts in our brains,” proclaim organizers from the Association for Psychological Science’s upcoming annual convention later this month, where some 3,500 international researchers will ponder esoterica related to voters, among other things.

Among the highlights: Liberals and conservatives have “different brain structures altogether” according to Geraint Rees, deputy head of the University College London Faculty of Brain Sciences. He will, uh, bring along a nice assortment of MRIs showcasing ideologically diverse brains.

“What alchemy of influences is at play in determining whether someone’s political orientation veers to the left or to the right? Opinions and beliefs are one thing, but as it turns out, genetics and environmental forces can play an even more significant role in shaping those opinions and beliefs,” explains Christian Kandler, a presenter from Germany’s Bielefeld University.


• 90 percent of black voters favor President Obama, 5 percent favor Mitt Romney.

• 68 percent of Hispanic voters favor Mr. Obama, 23 percent Mr. Romney.

• 62 percent of “highly or moderately religious” white voters favor Mr. Romney, 29 percent Mr. Obama.

• 57 percent of white married voters favor Mr. Romney, 34 percent Mr. Obama.

• 57 percent of Asian voters favor Mr. Obama, 30 percent Mr. Romney.

• 54 percent of “nonreligious whites” favor Mr. Obama, 38 percent Mr. Romney.

• 54 percent of “non-Hispanic whites” favor Mr. Romney, 37 percent Mr. Obama.

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