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“Of course. I want to see everybody back next year, but again I hope he’s going to stay here, I don’t want to leave him,” Ovechkin said Monday. “It’s George’s decision, it’s Sasha’s decision, it’s Sasha’s agent decision.”

According to Semin’s agent, that’s a decision for the Caps’ front office.

“If the Capitals would like Alex to continue to play for the Capitals, then they need to tell us what direction the team will take because what it used to be to what it is now, it’s a completely different direction,” Gandler said. “We’re concerned the role that Alex plays in that scheme of things. Obviously, if they continue the same path, they’ll choose a coach that subscribes to that philosophy. Whoever the coach is going to be is not as important as what the management decides on the direction of the team for the next number of years.”

If the direction remains the same, it’s likely the next number of years will be spent elsewhere.