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• 72 percent overall say it is “morally wrong” to require health care professionals to perform a legal abortion against their religious beliefs.

• 86 percent of Republicans, 87 percent of conservatives, 57 percent of Democrats and 54 percent of liberals agree.

• 58 percent overall say health organizations should be able to opt out of performing abortions for religious reasons.

• 73 percent of Republicans, 72 percent of conservatives, 48 percent of Democrats and 43 percent of liberals agree.

• 52 percent overall say U.S. laws have made it harder for people to live according to their religious beliefs.

• 69 percent of Republicans, 67 percent of conservatives, 39 percent of Democrats and 37 percent of liberals agree.

Source: A Knights of Columbus/Marist poll of 1,606 U.S. adults conducted May 10 to 14 and released Tuesday.

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