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The chairman of the D.C. Council, Kwame R. Brown, scheduled a work session with colleagues Wednesday “to review committee reports and identify potential saving,” and said he will do the same on Thursday “if the council does not finish business on Wednesday.” How’s this for saving money?: Curb spending on the Capital Bikeshare program.

Motorists and other taxpayers certainly don’t want to wage war on bicyclists, even though bikers, including those who do not use Capital Bikeshare, are getting a free ride and don’t always follow the rules of the road or the letter of the law.

But let’s be real: Capital Bikeshare is run by the D.C. Department of Transportation, and DDOT provides all of the funding for the program.

If that’s a fair deal for non-biking D.C. residents and motorists, how about giving a break to drivers — who, after all, pay more than their fair share to drive and park in the city.

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