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The nation’s business goes on. Upcoming hearings before the House Committee on Homeland Security chaired by Rep. Peter T. King re-examine the all-but-forgotten threats posed by biological weapons present in Syria, Iran and Pakistan, and currently favored by al Qaeda. But the New York Republican has not forgotten the recent “scanner shuffle” at the Transportation Security Administration.

“TSA is about to warehouse 91 body scanners that cost taxpayers $14 million. Despite initial reports, these scanners, which were removed from large airports, will not be used in small airports, nor will they be updated with privacy software anytime soon,” points out Rep. Mike Rogers, who chairs the hearing Thursday.

“This raises serious questions about the entire process for developing this technology and how much taxpayer money is at stake. At this hearing, the subcommittee will investigate the actions that got us to this point,” the Alabama Republican said.


• 66 percent of Americans will buy sale items when they go Christmas or holiday shopping.

They expect to spend $386 on gifts, $242 socializing, $149 entertaining and $65 on holiday home decor.

• 58 percent will shop in December, 45 percent in late November, 28 percent on Black Friday.

• 54 percent will use social media to find discounts, 51 percent will seek lower-priced items, 49 percent will use coupons, 38 percent will consolidate their shopping trips.

• 42 percent expect sales help to be “welcoming.”

• 36 percent will buy a gift for themselves; 27 percent prefer shopping with someone else when compared with shopping alone.

Source: A Deloitte survey of 5,089 U.S. adults conducted Sept. 14-24 and released Monday.

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