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Griffin’s not much bigger at 6-2, 217. And though he enjoyed watching Vick while growing up in the game, he doesn’t think the older quarterback’s injury history is a warning to him.

“Football’s a violent game. Vick, he’s been beat up a little bit throughout his career,” Griffin said. “There’s other quarterbacks that get beat up throughout their career. There’s a number of quarterbacks right now that are out with either concussions, shoulder injuries, anything like that. I try to stay away from the different comparisons.”

Griffin can only hope that the comparison to Vick sticks with their entertaining style and not injuries.

But his willingness to play on the edge for the sake of winning makes it a possibility.

“Injuries are a hard thing to explain. Some of them are freak injuries; some of them it’s hard to know whether you could’ve avoided it or not,” Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins said. “To this point, Robert’s done a good job of staying healthy.”

Griffin doesn’t put himself in as many vulnerable positions, at least so far, as Vick. That’s a keen sense to learn, but he picked it up fast after the concussion in October.

“It’s just about being there for your teammates. You only get to play football for so long. Things like that can give you perspective,” Griffin said. “My health and well-being beyond football is more important than that one play. You have to know when to do things like that. The refs are going to do their best job to protect you, your teammates are going to do their best job to protect you, but you also have to protect yourself.”

Rich Campbell contributed to this report.