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Maryland ran its offense well, especially in the second half. It scored 90 points for the first time under Turgeon. Its shooting percentage (56.5 percent) was its best in Turgeon’s two seasons. It sagaciously selected its 3-pointers, with Seth Allen hitting five on the way to a 19-point game.

Long Island (0-3), despite its recent NCAA tournament appearances, couldn’t match the overall speed, size and depth of the Terps despite some credible individual efforts. That, in turn, made it the perfect night for Wells and recalibrated outlook to settle in.

“For the first time in four or five months, I felt relaxed in my own skin,” Wells said. “It’s been really tough for me. Coach helped me a lot with that talk. He told me just to relax, you shouldn’t feel any pressure, just be who you are on the court and just let the game come to you and don’t feel like you have to save the world. He helped me out a lot.”

Maryland didn’t need Wells, or anyone, to save them Friday. The Terps are over .500, almost certainly to stay considering their level of talent and the nonconference schedule looming in the weeks to come.

They’ll require Wells later, though, or at least the version of himself that he so capably unleashed against Long Island.

“I knew it would take some time,” Wells said. “I feel like when it was time, it would come. I feel like tonight everything came a lot easier because I let the game come to me.”