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Ten minutes into the second quarter, when the Redskins unloaded 28 points in a period for the first time since 1999, Garcon lined up on second-and-12.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III’s short pass snuck over a defender’s outstretched arms. Cutting to his right in the middle of the field, Garcon jumped and spun the other way. He snagged the ball with his fingertips, arms extended as far as his 6-foot frame allowed. His right foot landed. Then his left. The ball never snuck out of his grip.

Garcon recovered his balance and streaked the remaining 45 yards into the end zone where, after exiting, Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins greeted him with a hearty shove into the blue padding surrounding the field.

The snag-and-sprint took six seconds.

No limping or favoring the ailing foot. Just the man the Redskins hoped they acquired, transforming an innocent pass into a game-breaking play and providing the sort of explosiveness after the catch only matched on the roster by Griffin.

Six seconds that screamed Garcon is back and quieted a stadium.