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Last Sunday at Pittsburgh, Baltimore safety Bernard Pollard thought quarterback Byron Leftwich was running out of bounds. So Pollard eased up, fearing a flag, a fine or both. Leftwich cut up field and scored a touchdown.

I doubt if the NFL wants players to adopt Pollard’s new mindset. “Now if a quarterback is going to the sideline and I’ve got a chance,” he told reporters Wednesday, “I swear to you I’m going to kill him.”

Truth be told, Pollard can do that (figuratively) with a perfectly legal hit. Which may or may not draw a penalty.

Good luck to the NFL in trying to solve this complex situation. Good luck to NFL coaches in trying to teach what’s expected. Most of all, good luck to defensive players in trying to follow the murky, theoretical guidelines.

How either of those parties will figure this out is a mystery to me.