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There isn’t much certainty in how to navigate the unusual transitional season, though there also isn’t much choice but to deal with it.

“I would be lying to you if I said it wasn’t awkward. It is.” Temple coach Fran Dunphy said. “I think everyone appreciates why we’re doing this. I don’t think they’re looking down on us with disdain. It’s what our administration felt we had to do. Change is difficult. People don’t like change that much. The reality is you have to handle it and manage it, and that’s what we’re trying to do right now.”

Back in the MAAC, Patsos is grateful to commissioner Rich Ensor for helping to ensure the Greyhounds have the opportunity to defend their league title.

Before then, though, there are nine fellow MAAC members to visit for a final time.

At least for a while, anyway.

“I’m looking for a really enjoyable farewell tour,” Patsos said. “I know that people don’t think that. I look at it as, ‘Let’s go have a positive experience in all the places we’ve spent a lot of time.’ Down the road, I expect to play the MAAC teams. I’m sure that won’t happen right away, but we’re still a family. We’re just moving west. I just look at it as like life, but I know I’m a different guy. I look at it as like part of evolving life.”