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“We talked about it during the game,” LaRoche said. “We said, ‘Pour it on.’ … We get through this game. I really like our chances. It’s not going to happen. It sucks.”

In a matter of minutes, their plans went from refocusing for the San Francisco Giants to packing up and planning their offseasons. Players scatter quickly when it ends and they said their goodbyes knowing it’d be their last time, all together, as this team.

They talked quietly. About the game and about life, really. They tried to figure out how they’d gotten here. They wanted to forget, but they knew they shouldn’t.

“We’ve got to remember how it feels,” said general manager Mike Rizzo, his demeanor steady after speaking with several players privately, offering a hug or a few words of encouragement. “We have to have a burning desire never for it to happen again.”

In the back corner, their oldest player looked around at a room filled with youth and a team with its core set to be together for several years. The lament was only what could’ve been, even as they recognized they may still be ascending. Their season was over.

“I’m just sad for these guys,” Mark DeRosa said. “I think that’s the frustrating thing. This team had enough talent and enough immaturity to maybe win the whole thing. That’s what I was excited about.”