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Like Griffin, though not to the same extent, Ponder can take off and run to make plays. And he’s completing 69 percent of his passes as opposed to 54.3 percent as a rookie.

“He’s very accurate and he’s very athletic also. He doesn’t get enough credit for his speed,” Redskins nose tackle Barry Cofield said. “He might not be a guy that’s trying to run for a hundred yards, but he’ll break contain, get a first down or break contain and extend the play and make a good play downfield. His legs and his accuracy are both jumping out at me.”

Peterson has noticed a “big change” in Ponder, and not just on the field.

“He’s just becoming more of a leader, more vocal,” he said. “I can see that the confidence level is continuing to rise each week. He has made a big jump.”

That big jump, though, is not by coincidence. And what the Vikings have done with Ponder is a path the Redskins could follow with Griffin.

Frazier said Ponder being around offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave and quarterbacks coach Craig Johnson was essential to the young quarterback’s growth.

“[We] need him to play. The fact that he is a smart football player and a very good football player, he’s gotten that information, he’s done with it what we needed him to do,” Frazier said. “It is important that you have some pieces around him.

“This offseason [to] go out and get a [wide receiver in] Jerome Simpson, to have a healthy Adrian Peterson, to improve our defense like we did, to do some of the things we’ve done on our special teams, those were part of helping Christian be all that he can be at quarterback.”