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Despite that accident, Mulkey hasn’t prohibited Griner from riding her longboard.

Brittney’s pretty smart about it. She was doing a maneuver and saw that she was not going to make that turn,” Mulkey said. “She has her longboard, she’s pretty good at it. If I take everything away, I’d have to take a mo-ped away from a kid, I’d have to take skydiving away, snow skiing away. Which one do you take away? So just let them be college athletes. They’re not pro athletes.”

Skydiving, by the way, is still on Griner’s to-do list.

Griner had 26 points, 13 rebounds and five blocked shots in Baylor’s 80-61 victory over Notre Dame in the national championship game in April. She said she has watched that game twice, the first time being an overnight ESPN replay with teammates in a Denver hotel hours after the game.

The other time was with a more critical eye.

“The first time, I was just in shock that we did it,” Griner said. “Then the second time, I was like, “Ooh, wish we would have done that better, wish we could have did that better, I could have dunked that time.’ I was just critiquing myself.”