Zone read gives RG3 pass, run, handoff options

Opponents pick their poison with rookie QB

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After reviewing the game video, Griffin did not identify any handoffs he should have made or ones he wishes he would have kept. That would please Shanahan, who extensively studied video in the offseason to prepare to coach the zone read with Griffin on the team.

Shanahan went back to the start of his coaching career at the University of Oklahoma, where they ran the wishbone and some variations of the option. He also watched game video of the Carolina Panthers and quarterback Cam Newton, as well as Baylor’s offense to identify Griffin’s strengths.

“With Robert, the difference is you have a guy that can run under a 4.4 40 [-yard dash] and then has the capabilities of really putting pressure on the defense,” Shanahan said. “You only have to run an option or an option scheme maybe two or three times a game. You may run it 10 times a game. But in the back of their mind, a defense knows you have the ability to do it, so you got a chance to keep them off-balance even if you don’t run it a lot.”

Shanahan sounded like something of a scientist as he discussed the scheme. With Griffin’s many talents at his disposal, the possibilities are extensive.

Griffin is happy to be the guinea pig.

“The coaches are coming up with new concepts every day,” Griffin said. “I think their imaginations are running wild. It will be fun to see what we do and just go out there and execute it.”

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