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“We are doing [the offense] a little bit different,” Shanahan said. “We are going to have some options in our attack. We are going to roll out and drop back, and Robert gives us the ability to do some things that other teams haven’t done.”

If the Redskins do things that haven’t been done, isn’t the same possible for RG3? At least that’s the hope in Washington, which for a change has good reason to believe. After watching the carousel of has-beens, never-weres and never-wills at quarterback, fans are overdue for a little genuine giddiness.

And one of the best things about RG3-mania is how much it affects Griffin, apparently not at all. He seems to be having fun with it while not taking it seriously, giving us a free pass to join him.

“I feel good about the excitement about this team,” he said, neglecting to acknowledge that 99 percent of the excitement is based on him. “And I think the team feels good about itself just with the way we performed last week; we’ve got to continue to carry that on.”

And we’ll continue to carry on about him, until further notice. Check back next week.