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Be it the white, furry and furious Wendigo, rocky Kronans (from Planet Hulk) or the electrified Zzzax, players can lose concentration watching some of the slick animations and environments.

Adding reasons to continue to bruise fingers are unlocking some pretty spiffy Hulk costumes, such as his gladiator look, the purple pants savage garb and even playing as the gray-bearded Maestro Hulk.

A feature that’s not quite ready for prime time, but is worth mentioning, is the online content package culled from tapping the Marvel XP icon. Sign up (email and password required), and access an expanding resource to read illustrated stories, watch videos and learn about the history of the Avengers, including text bios, and plenty of comic and animation art. Those bios are scattered as dossiers in the game locations and are incorporated into the entries once found.

Hulk’s Avenger Initiative apparently is just the start of this fun — but frustrating — mobile epic. It looks like Thor, Captain America and Iron Man also will walk the gantlet of this Marvel Fight Club with their own downloadable episodes arriving in the future.