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Tucker lined up to again attempt his first career game-winner in the NFL. This time, the ball began drifting to the right. If Tucker’s attempt was from a few yards farther back, it might have missed wide.

But at 27 yards away, the ball flew directly over the upright.

The referee standing below that upright signaled it good, which gave the Ravens their first regular-season victory over New England in franchise history.

“Bottom line is it went in,” Tucker said. “That’s all I care about. It went in.”

Tucker’s talent is apparent. During the preseason he made multiple 60-yarders in practice. But by beginning the season with two 50-yarders against Philadelphia and a game-winner against New England, expectations for the rookie are going to continue to climb.

Tucker said all he can do is continue to make kicks when his number is called. Having his teammates back him makes the process more enjoyable.

“That’s something I think makes us stronger as a whole,” Tucker said. “You can’t walk around this building without seeing somebody with a smile on their face at any given time. That’s one thing I’ve found out in my short time being here. There’s a lot of happy people in this building. And obviously, people are a lot more happy when you win.”