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Expect cheers from fans for the refs and heightened respect from players. But don’t think the regular officials will get a weekend off from pressure.

“I wouldn’t say a free pass. I mean, they’re professionals. If I miss a week off because of injury and I come back in, I don’t get a free pass,” Alexander said. “They’ve been doing this long enough that they know their positions, they know the rules. Obviously judgment calls, you never know with those, and you get better with time. But they don’t get a free pass. They need to come out here like professionals, they watched tape, and make good calls.”

Kyle Shanahan reacts to fine

Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan expressed regret Thursday for his actions that led to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the final drive Sunday and a $25,000 fine from the NFL.

“It hurt. It’s a lot of money. I wasn’t surprised; I was expecting it,” he said. “It is a lot of money. But my fault, and I’ve got to live with it.”

Shanahan said he regrets any time he costs his team with a penalty “whether it’s justified or not.”

As for how happy he was about the return of the regular officials, Shanahan didn’t take the bait on the $25,000 question.

“I’m not going to go there,” he said. “But I’m looking forward to having the guys we’re used to, that’s for sure.”

Black preparing to start

Trent Williams did not practice again Thursday while nursing a bone bruise in his right knee, so Jordan Black is preparing to start at left tackle Sunday as the Redskins visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I’m getting the reps,” Black said. “It’s about as good a situation as you can get being a backup as far as preparation goes.” Black replaced Williams in the loss to the Bengals, but this week is helpful for the veteran to get used to playing alongside the starters and with quarterback Robert Griffin III. He said he’s “miles ahead” of where he was last week.

“There are so many little things that I picked up [Wednesday] that it just takes time getting snaps with the 1s. For instance, in the game, I was late off the snap count,” Black said. “But actually getting in there, listening to Robert’s snap count and stuff, you start picking it up, things start happening faster. The way that they all communicate, I’m learning all that.”

Extra points

Along with Williams, cornerback Cedric Griffin (hamstring) did not practice Thursday. Receivers Pierre Garcon (right foot) and Brandon Banks (hip) and running back Evan Royster (right knee) were limited. Banks was a newcomer to the Redskins‘ injury report, and coach Mike Shanahan said Garcon was improving.