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Among those staffing the phone banks were Olympic champion Gabby Douglas, Eric Stonestreet, Ray Romano and Chelsea Handler,

The broadcast walked a line between harsh reality and hope.

During Roberts‘ remarks, she cautioned viewers that one in two men and one in three women will get cancer and that cancer “kills a child every four hours in this country.”

“This is why we have to support Stand Up to Cancer. This extraordinary movement has assembled dream teams of the best doctors and scientists collaborating at a frantic pace to save our lives,” the actress said.

The entertainment community has gathered to go after this disease “with everything we’ve got,” Roberts said.

Researchers said the fund supports collaborative team science and innovative ways of approaching new treatments.

Paltrow, who was an executive producer for the telethon, talked before the broadcast about her father, director Bruce Paltrow, who lost his life to cancer.

“It’s been almost a decade now and I’m sort of more used to the fact that he’s not here in physical body,” she said. “But I definitely feel his presence, and I think he would be really happy that I’m here tonight doing this and trying to spare other people from what he went through.”

Stonestreet said his mother was diagnosed with two types of cancer within one year.

“Thankfully, she beat it. She’s a tough cookie,” he said.

His “Modern Family” co-star, Ty Burrell, lost his dad to cancer in 1989. Burrell said there are many reasons to take part in the event.

“I heard from a good friend of mine that this kind of thing (the telethon) brought him a lot of hope while he was being treated,” he said.

Stand Up To Cancer, which also receives corporate donations, is a program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, a philanthropic arm of the TV and movie industries.

The American Association for Cancer Research is the scientific partner of Stand Up To Cancer and conducts scientific oversight of its research projects in conjunction with the SU2C advisory committee.


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