- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bullet points: Well, that’s one way to get the point across. The National Shooting Sports Foundation is now issuing attractive little “Proud to Be a Firearms Owner” pocket cards to arm the nation’s 100 million gun owners with facts and talking points about their identities as law-abiding, safety-minded, conservation-friendly folks who also happen to be passionate about defending the Second Amendment.

“Firearms owners have been misrepresented and even maligned in the ongoing public debate over gun legislation,” says Steve Sanetti, the group’s CEO. “Our goal is to remind gun owners they have many reasons to be proud. You should stand tall, and if someone takes an unfriendly shot at you for being a firearm owner, respond with the facts listed in our new pocket card.”

Among the 13 “bullet points” on the card, just as they’re printed:

“I am one of 100 million firearms owners in the U.S.; I am one of 35 million target shooters and hunters; I am part of a great American tradition; I am a conservationist; I store my firearms securely when not in use to keep guns out of the wrong hands; I respect those who have their reasons for not owning firearms, but insist that they respect my reasons for owning them.”

See the new outreach here: Nssf.org


Though they don’t cost quite as much as Air Force One, the wheels on the fancy bus go ‘round and ‘round. Indeed, “Greyhound One” — one of the many waggish nicknames for the $1.1 million, armor-plated, Canadian-made White House tour bus — will roll into university campuses in four cities in New York and Pennsylvania on Thursday morning, with more to come on Friday.

The campaigner in chief on the road, once again? Well, no. It is a “personal mission,” President Obama explains in a public message, noting that he himself did not pay off his own college debts until he ran for the U.S. Senate. He promises he’s got a plan to help families confronting tuition costs that have tripled in the past three decades.

Meanwhile, activists opposed to fracking methodically have planned noisy rallies in each city, deeming Mr. Obama’s support of the gas extraction practice “reckless.” Perhaps a simple video would have been more efficient — and cheaper — to get his message on higher education across.

“Apparently someone thinks that riding around on buses going from one college campus to another equals leadership,” points out Bryan Preston, a columnist for Pajamas Media.


What is the true and resilient appeal of Sen. Ted Cruz? Dozens of shrill “birther” stories have appeared in the liberal press centered on the Texas Republican’s birthplace, which is Canada. The fact that the circumstances won’t affect his eligibility to run for the White House does not much come into play. But no matter. Mr. Cruz has the ability to stand fast and stay on message; he has a straightforward style that has won him loyal fans among grass-roots tea partyers, and increasingly, mainstream Republicans who have come to admire the lawmaker’s tenacity.

“A significant amount of Republicans assume, with an impasse, that President Obama will never ever, ever give up his principles, so Republicans have to give up theirs,” Mr. Cruz told a town hall audience in Dallas on Wednesday.

“If you have an impasse, one side or the other has to blink. How do we win this fight? Don’t blink,” Mr. Cruz said.


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