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“Some people might be using this as a stepping stone, others to get their name out, that they’re movable,” he said. “But I think most people that interview are interested in the position.”

Kelly could be trying to get something more than a better contract for himself, including more money for his assistants, and he has indicated he would like a massive scoreboard that can show video replays and synthetic turf at Note Dame Stadium.

Neinas said he doesn’t think most coaches have hidden interests. He said his advice is to interview only if you want the job.

“I tell them, `If you’re not interested, don’t interview,’” he said.

But sports attorney Darren Heitner says Kelly owed it to himself to at least talk with the Eagles.

“Even if he had no intention of actually accepting that job, it is the most beautiful bargaining chip he has in his possession. Even if the entire time he intended to stay, why not entertain the offer and perhaps get some more money into his pocket?” he said.