- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Protesters angry over a jury’s acquittal of George Zimmerman and upset that Florida Gov. Rick Scott won’t order the state Legislature into special session to scale back ‘stand your ground laws’ are convening their own — a mock legislative hearing to analyze Trayvon Martin’s killing.

The group, dubbed Dream Defenders, staged a sit-in at the state Capitol a week ago and refused to leave until the governor met their demands. Mr. Scott met with the group a few days later but said he would not order any special session. In response, the Dream Defenders said they’ll hold their own.

The mock session is set for Tuesday at the Capitol, spokeswoman Erika Maye said in a release.

Among the items to be fake-legislated: ‘stand your ground’ laws, the circumstances leading to Trayvon’s February 2012 shooting, the so-called school-to-prison pipeline and racial profiling, Ms. Maye said in the written statement.

The group also is introducing Trayvon’s Law, aimed at countering what the protesters perceive as a racist environment.

“Florida is in a state of emergency,” said Dream Defender Executive Director Phillip Agnew in the written release. “In failing to recognize the gravity of the need for change in this moment, Gov. Scott is not exercising real leadership. So we’ll do it for him.”

Meanwhile, protesters with the group say they will continue their occupation of the Capitol until the governor “yields to our demands,” said Ciara Taylor, Dream Defenders political director.



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