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“Republicans will never win another national election unless we first provide a path to citizenship for the undocumented.” According to a number of polls, legalizing illegals falls to the bottom of the priority list for Hispanic voters. Americans of Hispanic roots have the same priorities as other Americans — jobs and the economy come first.

“We are a nation of immigrants.” Yes, as is every other nation state on the planet, but no other nation has suspended its sovereign right to control its borders and determine its immigration laws.

“It’s not amnesty.” Ronald Reagan was honest about the 1986 Amnesty Act. To grant amnesty is to pardon immigration lawbreakers and also reward them with the objective of their crimes — legal residence, citizenship and access to public benefits.

“We are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform and establish the rule of law.” Some of us have been working since the 1986 Amnesty Act to restore the rule of law with regard to immigration. If amnesty is passed again, we will never see immigration rule of law restored within the lifetime of this sacred republic.

We have smart Republicans who have embraced a veritable cornucopia of false premises, promulgated by Democrats whose desire is to expand their political power. Stark evidence is wrapped up in a single statement by President Obama to House Republicans: “If you are ever going to win another national election, you must pass comprehensive immigration reform. I’m trying to help you.”

I have provided a list of 13 unlucky, false premises. There are many more. No matter how smart we are, any single false premise invariably leads to false conclusions just like a bad number in one cell in a spreadsheet.

It is impossible for the brightest minds to be confined within the boundaries of so many flawed presumptions and to emerge with even their stated goals. It is especially difficult when the mesmerizing money of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros scrambles the thinking of those who know so much that isn’t so.

Rep. Steve King is an Iowa Republican.