- The Washington Times - Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It is Cold War chic, a fixation on the dire days when B-52s thundered overhead, “peace through strength” proved a viable strategy and diplomacy was terse indeed. Press, pundits and politicians have bandied about Cold War talk with relish, so much so that President Obama himself came out to assure everyone that the United States was not engaged in a new Cold War with Russia. The Russians may not agree.

Obama will go down in history not as a peacemaker — everyone has forgotten about his Nobel Peace Prize already — but as an American president who launched a new cold war,” senior Russian parliamentarian Alexei Pushkov tweeted on Wednesday.

Fightin’ words via tweet? Twitter likely would have been deemed an odd and suspect curiosity back in Nikita Kruschev’s day, when a good shoe banging on a podium worked wonders. “We will bury you” — which the Soviet premier told a group of Western diplomats with ominous conviction back in 1956 — may not resonate much in 140 characters.

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“They don’t make cold wars like they used to,” comments Doug Stanglin, a veteran reporter for USA Today and a former Moscow correspondent.

“What the latest diplomatic faceoff really shows is how far away we are from the duck-and-cover Cold War days. Sure, there are strains and tensions that cannot and should not be set aside easily,” Mr. Stanglin says. “But the world of cold wars is one of blockades on the high seas, airlifts into West Berlin, secret intermediaries hand-carrying letters from the White House to the Kremlin.”

And nobody can afford that at the moment.

‘43 ON ‘41

Due on book shelves on Nov. 11: George W. Bush’s yet to be titled book about his father.

George H.W. Bush is a great servant, statesman, and father. I loved writing the story of his life, and I hope others enjoy reading it,” the younger Mr. Bush says of the work in progress, this according to Crown Publishing, which published his previous book, describes this one as “heartfelt, intimate and illuminating.”

The elder Mr. Bush turned 90 in June.

Financial terms were not disclosed, and Mr. Bush has been mulling the subject over for four years, according to The Associated Press. The book is expected to be around 300 pages, with a first printing of 1 million copies. Although Mr. Bush had some assistance with research, he wrote the book himself, the news organization says.


“Democrats love talking about impeachment. Not just Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, but White House spokesman Josh Earnest, adviser Dan Pfeiffer and first lady Michelle Obama all chummed the waters with the I-word, igniting a frenzy among reporters who pretend that this is a real thing,” points out syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg.

“Ostensibly the hook for all of this is John Boehner’s decision to sue President Obama for abusing presidential authority. Pfeiffer said Friday that the suit ‘opened the door to impeachment.’ But pretty much everyone in Washington knows that the political motivation for the lawsuit is to close, not open, those doors,” Mr. Goldberg continues.

He also wonders about Mr. Obama’s practice of “demonizing political opponents as deranged radicals who need to shut up and get in line” and his hopes to arouse the public against his political foes.”

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