- - Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Russia is continuing to rattle the sabers over the Turkish shoot down of a Russian fighter jet in northern Syria on Nov. 24.

Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Meshkov told RIA Novosti on Wednesday, “As things stand now, the line that the current Turkish leadership has adopted – both in terms of its complete unwillingness to acknowledge its responsibility for the unprovoked attack on the Russian Su-24, and in terms of getting rid of double standards in the fight against international terrorism – does not allow [us] to make positive forecasts … Moscow believes that Turkish actions pose a “real threat” to Russia’s security and the security of its citizens.”

Russia has demanded that Turkey pay compensation for the downed aircraft. Moscow’s position is the jet was shot down over Syria and that Turkey acted irresponsibly. Turkey has refused and placed the blame squarely on the Russian pilots as being careless and ignoring warnings from Turkish jets.

In return, the Kremlin has stated that relations with the NATO member will never be the same.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told the Russian state news organization, TASS, on Wednesday that Turkey has also closed opportunities for a constructive dialogue on Syria, saying Russia’s position on Syria “has changed neither before nor during or after the incident with the Russian bomber. Our position on all issues has been consistent.”



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