- The Washington Times - Friday, June 5, 2015

Dishonest Chinese students in Luoyang province will have to overcome an anti-cheating drone for this year’s most important academic test.

Students taking the “gaokao” exam will be monitored by a drone that picks up radio signals and pinpoints the source, Wired U.K. reported Wednesday. The exam is taken by millions of students vying for a spot in the nation’s higher education system.

Wired U.K. reported that Chinese education officials in the province needed to figure out a way to deal with tech-savvy students who were using tiny video cameras and earpieces to cheat.

The anti-cheating drone doesn’t fly low over a student’s head, but instead hovers 500 meters over the classroom. When a radio signal is pinpointed, exam proctors using a tablet are sent the location, the magazine reported.

The gaokao exam takes place over two days and is referred to as “most pressure packed examination in the world,” U.K. Wired reported.



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