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Kellan Howell

Kellan Howell

Kellan Howell is a continuous news writer for The Washington Times, covering defense and national security. Originally from Williamsburg, Virginia, Kellan graduated from James Madison University where she received bachelor's degrees in media arts and design and international affairs with a concentration in western European politics.

During her time at JMU, she interned for British technology and business news website "ITPro" in London and worked as a freelance reporter for The Washington Guardian. She was also an executive editor of 22807, a new student magazine covering arts and culture in the JMU community.

Kellan can be reached at

Articles by Kellan Howell

The Golden Hammer.

Audit finds USAID workers improperly flying first class

Most Americans know that their tax dollars are seemingly flying out of their wallets, but what they might not have known is that federal employees are taking off with them, traveling in first class. Published February 4, 2016