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  • Netanyahu

    Netanyahu heads to U.S. after border clashes

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu travels to Washington this week as the Jewish state confronts new border clashes coinciding with the anniversary of the Palestinians' defeat in the 1948 war and protests that some analysts say signals the start of another uprising, or intifada.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at a Knesset session on Wednesday. A classified 2009 diplomatic cable disclosed this week tells of secret diplomacy between Israel and Persian Gulf states.

    Israel, Gulf states conducted secret diplomacy

    Israel and its adversaries in the Persian Gulf in recent years carried out extensive secret diplomacy to coordinate policy and exchange information on the threat posed by Iran, despite both sides' public posture of mutual hostility.

  • Arab minority in Israel gets more radical

    While confronting threats abroad, Israel faces a challenge closer to home — the increasing radicalization of its Arab minority, according to a new report.

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  • Aaron David Miller, who served as a Middle East negotiator in Republican and Democratic administrations, wrote on that releasing Pollard "reflects the weakness and desperation of an administration that is presiding over a peace process not yet ready for prime time."

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  • Aaron David Miller, a Mideast peace negotiator under presidents of both parties, said both Abbas and Netanyahu have an incentive to stick with the talks - if only to avoid bearing the blame if the effort falters.

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