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  • Tea partyers gather on the steps of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis in September 2010 for the "Gateway to November" rally hosted by the St. Louis Tea Party and Tea Party Patriots. (Associated Press)

    Academics dub tea partyers devout, racist

    Two years after it burst onto the political scene, the tea party is getting a critical eye from political science academics who say the movement generally is populated by knowledgeable and religiously devout voters, but they are hypocritical and more likely to be motivated by "racial resentment."

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  • "Tea Party supporters displayed high levels of racial resentment and held very negative opinions about President Obama, compared with the rest of the public and even other Republicans," Mr. Abramowitz wrote. "In a multivariate analysis, racial resentment and dislike of Barack Obama, along with conservatism, emerged as the most important factors contributing to support for the Tea Party movement."

    Academics dub tea partyers devout, racist →

  • Mr. Abramowitz said tea party supporters were substantially more likely than other voters to question how much effort black Americans are making to advance themselves, versus being held back by social factors.

    Academics dub tea partyers devout, racist →

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