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  • "They have drawn a caricature of a supposedly anti-Semitic, terrorist-coddling, Iran-appeasing, unilaterally disarming, wildly liberal malcontent," wrote senior editor Amy Davidson. "It hardly seems to matter to them that none of those things are true. But what's becoming clearest in this fight isn't anything about Hagel, but the derangement of the Republican Party, to use what may soon be an obsolete term for a movement in a state of sour disorder."

    Hagel's foreign policy record could doom chances for top Pentagon post →

  • "This marriage might be good for - well, someone in Alaska, maybe. One might even enjoy the spectacle, but only if one was quite, quite sure that it was not the prelude to a Rose Garden wedding for Willow in a few years' time," noted Amy Davidson, a senior editor at the New Yorker. "If Levi is David Eisenhower - I know, but bear with me - then who is Edward Cox? That would be, as Bristol said of her mother, scary."

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