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  • Mo. co-op buys Maine's prominent Oakhurst Dairy

    Oakhurst Dairy, the largest milk processor in northern New England, has been sold to a national dairy farmer-owned cooperative, allowing the family-owned business to continue to operate independently while providing opportunities for growth, company officials announced Friday.

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  • "I've been getting a lot heat from listeners for defending McCain, even though I acknowledge the many disagreements I've had with him. I've been getting a constant barrage from my audience. It's getting really heated," Bill Bennett said yesterday.

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  • "I admire the heck out of John McCain and disagree with him on at least half a dozen serious matters," Mr. Bennett said. "He is a war hero, he has been consistently pro-life, he put his campaign in hostage to the success of the surge in Iraq, he's been a consistent hawk on pork-barrel spending, and can win in November."

    Talk radio impugns McCain's liberal record →

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